What We Believe

The Trinity - We hold an orthodox belief in the Trinity in that one God is revealed to us in the Bible as the Father, the creator of heaven and earth; as the Son, who was born of a virgin, lived, died, and was resurrected as the savior of the world; and as the Holy Spirit, who calls, enlightens, gathers, and makes us holy.

The Holy Scriptures - We hold the traditional view that the Old and New Testaments are the written word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit speaking through their authors, and are the authoritative source and norm of proclamation, faith, and life.

The Sacraments - We hold that a sacrament is commanded in Scripture, uses an earthly element, and promises the forgiveness of sins. We acknowledge two sacraments, Holy Baptism and Holy Communion. We practice baptism for all ages; and commune those who wish to receive the body and blood of Jesus believing that Christ is present. 

Eternal Salvation - We believe that Jesus has secured our eternal salvation through his life, death, and resurrection, and our profession of faith in this belief assures us of eternal salvation.

The Church - We believe that Jesus is the head of the Church and all Christians of the world are members of the Church through their membership in local congregations. The Church exists for worship of God, to bear witness to God in service to fellow human beings, and to redeem and sanctify all humanity.

God's Relationship with Humans - We believe God came down to be in intimate relationship with humanity through Jesus; and that God continues that intimate relationship through the work of the Holy Spirit. The purpose of this relationship is to provide the forgiveness of sins, reconciliation among all of humanity, and the knowledge of eternal salvation.